Values in Psychological Services –The therapists and staff of Vital Sources are professionals who adhere to a personal faith. We respect each individual’s world view and belief system. Each client is offered the opportunity to fill-out a “Spiritual-Religious” survey to indicate their preferences about how they would like their values incorporated into treatment. It is our desire that all of our clients experience a therapy relationship that enriches their lives.

Advice in Psychological Services –The therapists at Vital Sources believe that each client has the right to determine the course of their lives including their future actions. As such, Vital Sources’ therapists seek to refrain from advising or directing the actions of any client, for any purpose. Rather, we seek to create environments and relationships where clients are encouraged to explore options and then to engage in behaviors and relationships that reflect their person and commitments.

Acceptance in Psychological Services –Each therapist at Vital Sources upholds the value and uniqueness of each person. As such, therapists seek to create space and time to discuss and understand the impact of diversity in performing psychological services.

The therapists at Vital Sources embrace orthodox Christian doctrine as is represented in the church’s historic-creedal statements such as the Apostle’s Creed and the Nicene Creed. We also want you to know that we deeply respect each person’s religious beliefs and ways of making meaning in their lives. We welcome the opportunity to discuss the above principles and how each other’s belief systems impact our lives and the therapy process. Please allow us to support you in this way.

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