“I make referrals to Vital Sources because I know the people I care about will get solid insights and help from therapists with a Christian perspective. I also value the supportive relationships they develop with pastors as they work to provide the best counseling available to their clients.“
Rev. Dr. Matthew Poole
Faithpoint United Methodist Church
Urbana, Maryland

“In day to day ministry there is a constant need for reliable kingdom partners. Vital Sources has become a trusted source of Christian counseling for the hurting families in my church. By referring the members in our congregation to their caring professionals, I have confidence they will receive a healthy balance of clinical insight and biblical knowledge. I am grateful for the spiritual progress and transformation I have witnessed!“
Pastor Tim Simpson
Greenridge Baptist Church
Clarksburg, Maryland

“Paul Tournier, the late Swiss psychiatrist, once said that the one thing that any person has a right to expect from us is that our heart is in touch with God. The therapists at Vital Sources are Christian therapists whose hearts are in touch with God and will help your heart also be in touch with the heart of God.“
Ray Sheck, Pastor Emeritus
Redeemer Lutheran Church
Damascus, Maryland

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